Moist Media ft. Corey Alexander

          As you all know, we here at the moist love and support art of all forms. Photography is a large part of car culture and comes in all types of forms and styles. I got a minute to catch up with a member of our moist media team and photographer Corey Alexander for a quick Q&A, and as always it was a blast. Corey keeps work fun and embodies the "moist" lifestyle. Check out the write up and and some examples of his work here. 

Besides our social media pages be sure to check out Corey's work on his personal page @coreyalexanderrr 

What is your favorite type of shoot?

My favorite type of shoot would have to be a single vehicle and its owner. I like being able to have that “scene” of how we all are when we look at and are around our cars.

What are your future aspirations for your photography career?

At this moment, just learning more and getting better and more confident in my shoots.

Honestly, wether people may think it or not, I do still get nervous when shooting with “bigger” or more known models/vehicles. Knowing other photographers have taken some amazing shots of them, and not wanting to waste anyones time. But for my photography career as a whole, Id love to one day have one or a few of my shots printed in a magazine. That’s what pushes me to keep learning and get better hoping one day I might be “good” enough to have that under my belt.

Favorite shoot you have done was? An why?

I don’t think I have a “favorite” per say.. I try to have as much fun as possible with all of my shoots. But if I had to choose one so far, It would be with Joshua Levy’s Liberty Walk BMW. It’s just such a beautiful car on a set of one-off wheels. It’s safe to say I have more pictures of that vehicle than any so far.

Why did you choose photography?

I didn’t really “choose” photography. It all started out around 4-5 years ago when a fellow photographer and friend of 15 years Shane Evans introduced me to photography.

He had been doing it for a year or two already and one day when he invited me to go on a shoot with him because he needed an extra hand with setting up. And after seeing the images he took and how he was able to capture the scene, I was just hooked. I got my first camera only a few weeks to a month later and went with Shane whenever I was able to learn more and now here we are. It’s funny, because just recently he told me “ everything i teach you,  you get better than me at “  Which I don’t think I’m “better” than anyone at photography. It’s really not something you can “judge”. Everyone has their own style, Not all have the eye for it, and some have more passion than others.

If you could work with someone who would it be ? An why?

Hmm… Well just recently I worked with the amazing and lovely Bear Dellinger so i can cross that off my list haha.

At this moment I would have to say i would like to work LibertyWalk in their shop doing a “behind the scenes” and photo story of the process, detail and craftsmanship goes into their kits and the process of installing and changing the way the vehicle can look. I’ve been visioning just how i can tell that story and try to show the passion and art that those kits really are.

What does StayNmoist mean to you?

What StayNmoist means to me is an amazing group of friends that share the same passions. We don't bullshit or do drama (As much as possible) and we don't disrespect our own. It's a fam... F*ck I don't know what else to say (In true Corey fashion)