Moist Moto Pt.2

         As many of you know, we have ventured into the motocross world. We have a few riders that we support and one is our very own Mike Briscoe. Mike is always light hearted and easy going, but fully ready to battle when it is time to go which embodies our mind set here at the moist. After an incredible season we got a chance to catch up with our homie for a quick Q&A. 

What made you start racing?

Racing quads just kinda presented itself into my life. One day after trail riding during my enlistment in the coast guard a fellow Coast guardsman (now my best friend Travis) invited to to a MX track to ride. He showed me the fundamentals and the basics and from the first time i rode a lap i was hooked. 12 Years later Here i am

What is your motivation every time you step on the track?

Thats a good question.. I have always been self driven.. I race to be free.. free from stress… free from life problems… when i am on the track i am only thinking about the situation in front of me and enjoying every min of it! I find motivation in music.. before a race i will gather my thoughts put on some tunes and try to get a song stuck in my head before i ride. it helps to get me focused and calm.

What is your favorite track to race? An why?

My favorite track hands down is Budds Creek.. My very first race EVER was at Budds Creek which is a National sized track and it was HUGE!! I had never been lined up behind a gate with 20 other quads heading onto a PRO sized track. Years later it takes me to that first gate drop where it all started.. It gives me a chance to look back and compare my riding ability then to what it is now. And being that Quads only race there twice a year makes it even more special to me.

What are your future plans for your racing career?

I am currently planning on focusing on coaching and turning wrenches for up and coming riders. Helping the newer riders that need their suspension adjusted or giving them a tip or trick goes a long way. I am a fixer.. i like to improve things and get the most out of them. I take a lot of pride in all the work i do knowing i need to trust that every part is gonna stay tight and together on the track. Seeing a bike that i have built from the ground up win gate drops and championships is a surreal feeling!

What is your best memory in your quad racing career?

My best memory is an over all experience. This past year and half i Separated from the military after 10 years. That gave me the opportunity focus on riding and racing an entire series. i Got to spend more time with people i now Call my Moto family. Being lined up on a gate with 10 racers that are like brothers and knowing no matter what place we finish we had an awesome time pushing each other to be better! I also clenched the 2016 Vet Class Championship which was icing on the cake to an amazing year!

What is your definition of stay n moist?

Stay N Moist to me means being in the moment.. taking chances.. doing what makes you free.. no matter what people think or say.