Moist Moto Takeover

           Well fam, the sun is finally out and besides car shows and doing other various outside activities that means one big thing for us here at StayNmoist. ITS TIME TO GO RACE! As our StayNmoist sponsored ATV rider Drew Flinchum prepares for a big season we took some time to pick his brain a little bit and see what inspires Drew to braaap and continue pushing himself and his quad. 

         We also want to give a shoutout to our two other riders Mike Briscoe and Brenton Stein as they look to have some awesome races ahead of them.

   We are making motocross moist!

What first made you want to race?

"When I was in highschool I grew up in a town that was basically all about motocross. It was never the football team or basketball team attracting crowds... it was the motocross riders. So i began to push myself to become one of them, and continue to push myself to be better than them. 

What riders do you enjoy watching most?

"I have always been a diehard Joel Hetrick fan. He has such a smooth riding style that many riders at that level don't have, which has become one of my main goals to become that smooth. Developing a distinctive style where people recognize your riding and the ability you have is such an accomplishment that i push myself towards."

What drives you?

"I want to be the best... as all do. I want to be the guy kids look up to and meet, not just for my riding ability but personality as well. I also want to make my son (Carson) proud and be a role model for him. I have a lot of people I want to prove wrong, but even more I want to prove right including StayNmoist as my sponsor and always keep everyone excited for race day!"

What have you learned so far this year?

"I have already learned so much this year. Between practicing hard and building my skills on the track to learning new people skills off the track. I have learned that you can't build a mountain overnight, it takes a lot of hard work and constant effort. In pushing myself to be better I have been improving my corner speed and learning to be fearless in regards to running up front."

What are your goals/plans? 

"My goals include finishing the season securely in the top 3 for points series, continue training and getting as much seat time as possible. Hopefully open doors to atvmx national series next year. It will take alot of work but that is what I'm here for."

What are your biggest challenges?

"I've learned that not only does this sport require physical endurance, but more importantly mental endurance as well. You have to remain positive and confident in order to be successful. Believing in yourself has to be a main priority, and remaining focused on the task at hand and not getting side tracked."

What was does "StayNmoist" mean to you? 

StayNmoist means more to me than i would have ever expected. After meeting the family, and being brought in with open arms my whole perspective of the word has changed. We all have individual goals in life and help each other in every way possibly trying to fulfill them. We all have different passions and things that drive us, but we accomplish them as a team. The team at StayNmoist has pushed me harder than ever and helped me keep my head straight as well as getting the proper equipment i need to be successful. I wanna throw a huge shoutout to them as a company for helping and supporting me on and off the track. StayNmoist has made me look at life from a bigger picture, and i cant wait to keep working."