Motorama 2016/2016 Kickoff

Whats up guys,

First off it has been awhile since we updated the blog as we attended to other pressing matters (Which may or may not have been taking time to drive our own cars fast and enjoy some chilled beverages), but we are back stronger than ever and will be kicking off 2016 right! you can expect weekly blog postings on everything moist.

Jumping into 2016 we got geared up for Motorama, now usually we would post from our point of view, but taking a step back we wanted to get back to our roots. Sometimes when you are working these amazing events you overlook the finer things that come along with our shared love of cars. At this point i will be virtually handing the microphone to Alex Lafferty as he recaps and reminds of us the feelings shared by all enthusiast leading up to such a large event. 

- Brenden McWilliams

"A 5:30AM alarm goes off and a RedBull comes out of the fridge... Sounds like car show season to me. Hopping in my car for a 3 hour car ride from Pittsburgh was totally worth it to finally brush off the winter cobwebs. Lots of cross state and out of state friends, along with my stayNmoist family, awaited me at the Harrisburg Farm Show Complex where Motorama 2016 was being held. If you’re unfamiliar with these events they are a huge mix of anything with a motor. After getting a feel for the layout of the building I quickly immersed myself into the show. I started out by popping into the motocross and go kart track areas to check things out but I quickly made my way back into the main show area, as I had some serious photographing to do. I can say it was an awesome mix of so many makes and models. Not just that but the expanse of automotive styling was impressive. From big power V8’s, huge turbo Civic hatch’s, rat rods, stance cars, to a RocketBunny kit equipped Silvia hiding amongst lifted 4x4’s, there was a little bit of anything and everything. StayNmoist had a fantastic lineup as always, with members all over flocking to come to the first large auto show in Pennsylvania. After finishing up the day with an awesome dinner with the stayNmoist family, I can safely say it’s going to be one hell of a show season this year. Stay Moist."

Alex Lafferty