Dripped Gawd

            Art is a broad world, and open to many definitions. As you all know our art is cars and the culture surrounding them. Now we may not be the brightest bunch, but we know good art when we see it. Dizz Gavins is an artist out of York PA who has been making his own wave across multiple industries with his unique style. I was lucky enough to get a few minutes and catch up with the "dripped gawd" and get some insight on his art, passion and what has him StayNmoist.

What is the inspiration or driving force behind your art?

"My main inspiration for my art is usually based on how i'm feeling, my surroundings and what music or television I'm listening to or watching. I like to credit the development of my style to myself of course but also the illustration styles of Dr. Suess."

So far, what have you learned on your journey?

"On my journey so far, I've learned to be confident in my art and that everything has happened for a reason. The biggest thing I've learned is, not to compare my path to success with anyone else's because everyone has their own path, and their own rate of success."

What is next? What can we look forward to?

"I have a lot in store for the future. The biggest thing I'm bringing to York is my first solo art show in September. The show will be called "Outta My Mind", and i am extremely excited to share this experience with everyone." 

What does StayNmoist mean to you?

"To me StayNmoist means keeping your feet wet, staying relevant being well oiled in your craft and always being ready for action. Being able to go with the flow and adapt to your surroundings, flowing like water... staying moist."