Purple Reign

Cobalt: "The chemical element of atomic number 27, a hard silvery-white magnetic metal".

          Although not silvery-white, StayNmoist member Isaiah Hick's 09 SS Cobalt is most definitely magnetic. Although not an un explored platform, Isaiah is pushing the Cobalt game to new heights and has become a standout at every show attended. As part of our weekly blogs we will be picking the brains, and exploring the builds of some of our most popular and unique member builds through some casual "interviews" (usually involving cold beers and some type of pizza).

                  What was the inspiration behind your build, What have you learned?

" Growing up in the garage I always had the passion for what things are and what they could be turned into. I've learned that regardless of if you are a big hitter on the scene or fresh to the community everyone has to start somewhere and work hard building YOUR car from the ground up to make YOU happy with what you have available while working toward your own goals. This process can take a lot of time energy and of course... some money. Personally my build has taken 7 years to get to this point."

Simply, at this point what is your favorite part of your car?

"Favorite part... would have to be the bags, seeing Cobalt's on bags is far and few between."

As an active member, what does "moist" mean to you?

"What does it mean to be moist...being moist is pursuing anything you feel gives your life that meaning, wether it is your passion for cars, your family, friends, work or any hobby. Moist is ANYTHING that delivers drive, good health and a positive mindset."