Photographer Spotlight: Ed Whitbeck

Photography is a broad art form, and often goes hand in hand with today's car world. More interesting though is diving into what many of these photographers shoot OTHER than cars (we do love cars though), images that often tell amazing stories. Ed Whitbeck's photography branches into many different sets ranging from models, landscapes, weddings and yes sometimes cars. We got a chance to do a quick Q&A with Ed in regards to his art!

Make sure you check out more of his work on Instagram @whitbeckphoto

What is your favorite thing about photography?

      My favorite thing about photography is the ability to tell a story with images. Using the camera as a tool to capture a moment, emotion, an action, a person, a place, all combined can really tell a story, and its up to the viewer to interpret it with their imagination.

 What is your least favorite thing about photography?

     The creeps, the "guy with cam" people who abuse the DSLR and take it away from us. I have no issue with people who want to get into photography, I'll often help newbies get going, but those who have no true interest and simply use it as a way to get into events, back stage, or even to meet "models". Those people create a bad image and vibe for all photographers and often people get the wrong impression.

What has been your favorite type of shoot? An why?

     I have to be corny.... between all the people, cars, and places I've shot, the best moments are shooting weddings. The images are beautiful because you're at a beautiful location, everyone is done up, people are happy, and most of all I have the opportunity to capture one of the most important moments in these peoples lives. You can truly see the feelings in the photos and I really love that about the art of photography. 

If you could work with someone in the future who would it be? And why?

     Someone who I know nothing about who lives an interesting life. I love to learn about people and hear their story. 

What do you plan to accomplish with your photography in the future?

     I don't really have any "goals" career wise since photography to me is a hobby and a side job. I hope to keep it this way so I can continue to enjoy it. All I hope is that I can continue to improve and meet more inspirational photographers.

 What is your definition of a moist lifestyle?

    To me, it's just living life to the fullest.

Here is a very small sample of some of Ed's pictures, @Whitbeckphoto for more!