What Does It Mean To Be Moist?


   Here we are three months into 2015 and we already brought the #moistness on strong at our first event for the year. Motorama 2015 was the most "moist" fun we have had at a show with meeting all the new, awesome customers and some people that just wanna know what the #moistness is all about. Well today is everyone's lucky day, we are going to explain why we decided to create such a moist company and also share these awesome pictures from Motorama with you!

   What does everyone think of when they hear stayNmoist? We would love to go into detail on all the things we have had people tell us about what they thought we were trying to become. Most of the answers or responses we have heard were pretty funny to listen to and it was great to get that feedback so we could actually describe what we are trying to do for everyone.

   StayNmoist is all about having a positive outlook on life and whatever makes you happy. The #moistness is not all about cars or sexy girls modeling. If fishing or motocross is what makes you happy then guess what, you are moist. We want to include everyone in the movement that ourselves are enjoying and extremely passionate about. Just remember there is always going to be something that you enjoy, and whatever that may be, it is what makes you "moist". StayNmoist as a brand wants you to display your "moist on a daily basis". If you are staying moist it means have a lifestyle that you are passionate about and aren't afraid to display it. Moist, the number one hated word in USA, is everything that will make you smile, laugh, enjoy, and go crazy about. Our customer basis is awesome and the family we have forming around us is just unbelievable. We thank everyone for the support you share for us and helping us try to help #spreadthemoist.

   Above you will see pictures of the motocross event that was going on at Motorama. We got to meet one of the ATV riders, Drew Flinchum, that was there and we ended up enjoying his presence and his strive to succeed in his passion of motocross racing, that we are actually sponsoring him throughout his career of racing. So as you scroll through the pictures above, Drew is the guy riding on the ATV to try and win the day!

   We hope everyone who is joining us on our journey is having just as much fun as we are. If you haven't met us yet in person, have no fear we will be traveling and #spreadingthemoistness across the country this year to try and meet as many people as we can! Together we want to show the world that everyone has passions and ambitions in their lives, we just want everyone to share their love with the world and StayNmoist is here to help.