2006 Mitsubishi Evolution 9 MR

Tucked away in the backcountry of Central Pennsylvania, this Mitsubishi EVO 9 MR sits all but quietly, and in the rarest of fashions. The year 2006 brought us this hidden gem, flash forward to present day and take notice of it's current performance qualities. Complete with an entire ShepTrans EVO Drag DogBox, Stage 3 Transfer Case and corresponding Differential, this car is a consistent pace setter, blurring the lines of drag versus street style, and taking the output of an always performing Mitsubishi to the next level. Also equipped with Enkei RPF01 's in silver, these 18 x 9.5 wheels are the perfect accent to compliment the overall curb appeal. Take note of the fact that these bad boys are wrapped in Hankook S1 Noble 245/40R18 tires, and as it graces it's surrounding cornfields with 400+ whp, this EVO puts good use to nature. It's tuned on E-85, thanks to Amerigreen, and the sound of 30PSI blasting it's way through the turbo is guaranteed to keep you #stayNmoist