That Moistness

    Fredericksburg Virginia, a city not too well known for the car scene. However, this girl (yes, I said girl) is trying to change that. Devan Shiels, owner of a very moist 2008 Mitsubishi Evo X, is changing the game by bringing a whole new level to the Evo scene as most Evos are known for their power. This beast is known for its stance and power since she is pushing 370awdhp/365trq. This car really grabs your attention driving down the street with the very beautiful sound of the ETS Extreme V2 straight pipe exhaust system as it crackles and pops down the road. 

   Just when you think the Evo X body can't get any better in looks, Devan has done it with the chargespeed type 1 kit and the chargespeed type 1 wide body kit. This widebody kit definitely enhances the Evo's aggressiveness. Seeing how mean this body style looks, there is nothing wrong with adding some very sexy shoes as she rolls around on a set of Watercooledind CC5's (specs disclosed). These wheels just really set the car off, especially being lowered on some BC Racing BR coilovers with a 3.5 inch drop. As for the Seibon OEM carbon fiber hood and the VIS Racing Demon Doluck trunk lid, I think we can all agree that just helps wrap the car all up making it pure perfection.

    Just when you think it can't get any better, when you take a seat inside this monster, you'll be sitting in a set of status racing ring GTX carbon fiber fixed back seats. Always have to stay safe and buckle up in the status racing black 5 point harness and if you don't think that's good enough, you can be reassured nothing will happen as she has the Auto Power bolt-in cage. 

Mods not listed above: 

Beatrush rear seat delete 

Gutted rear cab 

Works bell hub and quick release 

Slammedenuff limited edition avenue wheel

Limited edition Death Star shift knob slammedenuff 

Custom intercooler piping and intake by Moore automotive 3.5 inches 

ETS 3.5 inch intercooler 

Led tail lights