Black & White

Fall is a very moist time of year. With the changing of the leaves and the crisp air, we bring to you an extremely moist photo shoot.

Introducing Bret Gutshall owner of the 2006 white Evo IX MR. This car has power for days with plenty of modifications to keep you moist inside and out. For the exterior, he has Wedssport TC105N Wheels wrapped with Hoosier drag radials to obtain that traction at the track (only time you might not want moistness). He also chose to go with a wingless trunk lid, which in our eyes gives it a very clean look. Previously a parachute, which gave it an even more aggressive look, blessed the rear of the car. Unfortunately with the removal of the chute, we were not able to capture this drag beast in full form. Below is a list of modifications done to this race machine. Don't let the moisture hit your pants too quick.

  • House Of Power Built 2.0L With 9.5:1 Compression and H-Beam Rods
  • GSC S3 Cams, Springs, and Titanium Retainers
  • Precision 6466 Turbo
  • Hood Dump (External Wastegate Dump Out Of Hood)
  • AMS Exhaust
  • Ported Intake AMS Intercooler
  • Shep Built 5 Speed Trans
  • Shep Non-ACD T-Case
  • Tuned on 93 Octane and of course E85

Next up Andrew Wessner owner of the black 2003 Evo VIII. This moist mobile sits nice and flush which gets the panties droppin'. She sure isn't the fastest Evo ever built, but Andrew is bringing this car back to life after it had a rough start with its first owner. It's not all about the cars to us here at stayNmoist, it is also about the people and their personalities that we are drawn to. Both these guys have a lot of respect for other car enthusiasts and that is a huge aspect in what we value. Black cars always had a special place in my heart. When they are clean and freshly detailed, they are so... Moist. Andrew has some Enkei Raijon wheels and some KW VW3 Coilovers to get it nice and low. So without further anticipation, here is a list of his modifications on this street beauty.

  • Perrin Front Mount Kit
  • FP Billet Evo 9 Turbo
  • 4-Point Roll Cage
  • NRG Quick Release Hub
  • JDM Evo 7 Taillights
  • JDM Rear Bumper
  • Open Dump