Photographer Spotlight: Ed Whitbeck

Photography is a broad art form, and often goes hand in hand with today's car world. More interesting though is diving into what many of these photographers shoot OTHER than cars (we do love cars though), images that often tell amazing stories. Ed Whitbeck's photography branches into many different sets ranging from models, landscapes, weddings and yes sometimes cars. We got a chance to do a quick Q&A with Ed in regards to his art!

Make sure you check out more of his work on Instagram @whitbeckphoto

What is your favorite thing about photography?

      My favorite thing about photography is the ability to tell a story with images. Using the camera as a tool to capture a moment, emotion, an action, a person, a place, all combined can really tell a story, and its up to the viewer to interpret it with their imagination.

 What is your least favorite thing about photography?

     The creeps, the "guy with cam" people who abuse the DSLR and take it away from us. I have no issue with people who want to get into photography, I'll often help newbies get going, but those who have no true interest and simply use it as a way to get into events, back stage, or even to meet "models". Those people create a bad image and vibe for all photographers and often people get the wrong impression.

What has been your favorite type of shoot? An why?

     I have to be corny.... between all the people, cars, and places I've shot, the best moments are shooting weddings. The images are beautiful because you're at a beautiful location, everyone is done up, people are happy, and most of all I have the opportunity to capture one of the most important moments in these peoples lives. You can truly see the feelings in the photos and I really love that about the art of photography. 

If you could work with someone in the future who would it be? And why?

     Someone who I know nothing about who lives an interesting life. I love to learn about people and hear their story. 

What do you plan to accomplish with your photography in the future?

     I don't really have any "goals" career wise since photography to me is a hobby and a side job. I hope to keep it this way so I can continue to enjoy it. All I hope is that I can continue to improve and meet more inspirational photographers.

 What is your definition of a moist lifestyle?

    To me, it's just living life to the fullest.

Here is a very small sample of some of Ed's pictures, @Whitbeckphoto for more!


Moist Moto Pt.2

         As many of you know, we have ventured into the motocross world. We have a few riders that we support and one is our very own Mike Briscoe. Mike is always light hearted and easy going, but fully ready to battle when it is time to go which embodies our mind set here at the moist. After an incredible season we got a chance to catch up with our homie for a quick Q&A. 

What made you start racing?

Racing quads just kinda presented itself into my life. One day after trail riding during my enlistment in the coast guard a fellow Coast guardsman (now my best friend Travis) invited to to a MX track to ride. He showed me the fundamentals and the basics and from the first time i rode a lap i was hooked. 12 Years later Here i am

What is your motivation every time you step on the track?

Thats a good question.. I have always been self driven.. I race to be free.. free from stress… free from life problems… when i am on the track i am only thinking about the situation in front of me and enjoying every min of it! I find motivation in music.. before a race i will gather my thoughts put on some tunes and try to get a song stuck in my head before i ride. it helps to get me focused and calm.

What is your favorite track to race? An why?

My favorite track hands down is Budds Creek.. My very first race EVER was at Budds Creek which is a National sized track and it was HUGE!! I had never been lined up behind a gate with 20 other quads heading onto a PRO sized track. Years later it takes me to that first gate drop where it all started.. It gives me a chance to look back and compare my riding ability then to what it is now. And being that Quads only race there twice a year makes it even more special to me.

What are your future plans for your racing career?

I am currently planning on focusing on coaching and turning wrenches for up and coming riders. Helping the newer riders that need their suspension adjusted or giving them a tip or trick goes a long way. I am a fixer.. i like to improve things and get the most out of them. I take a lot of pride in all the work i do knowing i need to trust that every part is gonna stay tight and together on the track. Seeing a bike that i have built from the ground up win gate drops and championships is a surreal feeling!

What is your best memory in your quad racing career?

My best memory is an over all experience. This past year and half i Separated from the military after 10 years. That gave me the opportunity focus on riding and racing an entire series. i Got to spend more time with people i now Call my Moto family. Being lined up on a gate with 10 racers that are like brothers and knowing no matter what place we finish we had an awesome time pushing each other to be better! I also clenched the 2016 Vet Class Championship which was icing on the cake to an amazing year!

What is your definition of stay n moist?

Stay N Moist to me means being in the moment.. taking chances.. doing what makes you free.. no matter what people think or say.

Moist Media ft. Corey Alexander

          As you all know, we here at the moist love and support art of all forms. Photography is a large part of car culture and comes in all types of forms and styles. I got a minute to catch up with a member of our moist media team and photographer Corey Alexander for a quick Q&A, and as always it was a blast. Corey keeps work fun and embodies the "moist" lifestyle. Check out the write up and and some examples of his work here. 

Besides our social media pages be sure to check out Corey's work on his personal page @coreyalexanderrr 

What is your favorite type of shoot?

My favorite type of shoot would have to be a single vehicle and its owner. I like being able to have that “scene” of how we all are when we look at and are around our cars.

What are your future aspirations for your photography career?

At this moment, just learning more and getting better and more confident in my shoots.

Honestly, wether people may think it or not, I do still get nervous when shooting with “bigger” or more known models/vehicles. Knowing other photographers have taken some amazing shots of them, and not wanting to waste anyones time. But for my photography career as a whole, Id love to one day have one or a few of my shots printed in a magazine. That’s what pushes me to keep learning and get better hoping one day I might be “good” enough to have that under my belt.

Favorite shoot you have done was? An why?

I don’t think I have a “favorite” per say.. I try to have as much fun as possible with all of my shoots. But if I had to choose one so far, It would be with Joshua Levy’s Liberty Walk BMW. It’s just such a beautiful car on a set of one-off wheels. It’s safe to say I have more pictures of that vehicle than any so far.

Why did you choose photography?

I didn’t really “choose” photography. It all started out around 4-5 years ago when a fellow photographer and friend of 15 years Shane Evans introduced me to photography.

He had been doing it for a year or two already and one day when he invited me to go on a shoot with him because he needed an extra hand with setting up. And after seeing the images he took and how he was able to capture the scene, I was just hooked. I got my first camera only a few weeks to a month later and went with Shane whenever I was able to learn more and now here we are. It’s funny, because just recently he told me “ everything i teach you,  you get better than me at “  Which I don’t think I’m “better” than anyone at photography. It’s really not something you can “judge”. Everyone has their own style, Not all have the eye for it, and some have more passion than others.

If you could work with someone who would it be ? An why?

Hmm… Well just recently I worked with the amazing and lovely Bear Dellinger so i can cross that off my list haha.

At this moment I would have to say i would like to work LibertyWalk in their shop doing a “behind the scenes” and photo story of the process, detail and craftsmanship goes into their kits and the process of installing and changing the way the vehicle can look. I’ve been visioning just how i can tell that story and try to show the passion and art that those kits really are.

What does StayNmoist mean to you?

What StayNmoist means to me is an amazing group of friends that share the same passions. We don't bullshit or do drama (As much as possible) and we don't disrespect our own. It's a fam... F*ck I don't know what else to say (In true Corey fashion)


   This week I got the chance to pick the brain of Bryan Vorce the creator of caricaturecars, an awesome service where Bryan turns your car into a eye catching and original minicar. We have always been fans of his work and after recently placing some orders ourselves can say that it is top notch. Check out our Q&A below and be sure to visit to order yours today! Use promo code "staynmoist" to get 10% off of your edit today.

When did you start carcaricatures?

 I started Caricature Cars back in 2014. Started as Vorce Minicars (VMC) under my photography name. After about a year or so nothing was really catching having them mixed in with my personal IG I decided to in march 2016 to create it's own IG page. After 2 name changes I stuck with @caricaturecars and with the subname Micromachines

What made you first want to try that style of edit, inspirations?

As a kid growing up I always loved cars, but really loved the cool cartoon drawings of different cars you would see people do at fairs and stuff. So I was sitting there one day and got the idea to figure out how to do it with real photos. So after about 6 hours of photoshop and figuring out how to do it I eventually went with a more realistic squished version known as the minicars or micromachines

What have you learned throughout growing your art/ business?

Honestly, it's to not devalue my time and efforts in something I learned how to do for others amusement. I've learned those willing to pay for someone's services are your best supporters vs someone who got it for free. Yes I love doing them, but I do have a life outside of it and I wish more people would understand and respect the work that goes into it and not ask for shoutouts as payment or just freebies.

Future plans/goals for the business?

I hope to grow and for micromachines to become better known. Increase my skills in editing to possibly offer more and different kinds of edits. Maybe get with some big name people or corporations to create some kind of toy that would be really awesome. Maybe micromachine pillows or air freshners. I'm slowly adding more product to options such as canvas and metal prints to create more of a product that people can give as gifts and more.

In your own words what does "StayNmoist" mean to you?

StayNmoist always to me meant keeping things fresh, new, creative. Being a former member and hanging out with them at events was a great time. Group really comes together as one and puts on a good time.

Clean Culture X Poconos Raceway

July 3rd couldn't have called for a better forecast, and per usual the car community took full advantage of the day. We had a great time at Clean Culture NJ, here are a few shots we snagged during the event. Thank you to all who came out and a big shout out to all the members who showed up to rep the moist!

Check us out at upcoming shows, here is a small schedule just to name a few!

July 16 - Mix Breed

July 17 - Ayden's cars for kids

July 23 - Creatures of the night

July 30 - Tuner Evo Philly

August 6 - Simplicity Meet

These are just to name a few, so keep an eye out for the moist movement!

Moist Metal

     Metal is at it's simplest form what brings us all together. How we form and shape hunks of metal to reflect our personalities through our cars and how we choose to build them. Car enthusiasts more than any other culture are well aware that metal, and the things we can do with it becomes an art form within itself. After recently witnessing some of the magic that C-Jay Mellinger, our resident metal magician, is able to perform armed with just his tools and imagination I was excited to take some time and find out what drives such a passion and constant learning curve in pursuits of perfecting a craft. 

When did you begin welding, and why?

" Picked up my first torch handle around ten years old while helping my old man on a 56' Chevy Belair, from then on I was always interested in anything fabrication/welding related. I took shop class in high school and had the chance to lay down my first tig beads. After a few fails and getting electrocuted i laid down a few passes that were better than the teachers, he told me I had a talent and not to let it slip away... so i didn't."

What's your favorite kind of stuff to make?

" As far as favorite things to make... that's kind of endless, but car related stuff would be on the top of my list for sure. But honestly as long as I got a tig torch in my hand I'm a happy camper."   

Biggest lesson learned?

" The biggest thing I've learned is to never say I can't do it. Some stuff is definitely difficult bit if i put my mind to something i'll make it work one way or another."

So are you going to make this your career? What are your goals in regards to that?

" Welding and fabrication will always be my career field. I plan on having a full fab shop of my own to retire from as well as getting into the blacksmithing industry. I've got 37 active certifications in just welding. Growing up I never really had the funds to go to any schooling but looking back I realize I've done pretty well self teaching myself with the help of a few old heads giving me pointers throughout the years. And I was always very appreciative of the advice I could get."

What does StayNmoist mean to you?

" The moist crew isn't just your average car club, it's a group of great people that anybody would be proud to call their friends/family. I greatly enjoy knowing that if something needs built or fixed I am trusted enough to be asked to take on the jobs and or have $4000 wheels in my hands to fix. I wouldn't wanna rep any other crew. Everyone should be a little moist!" 

Be sure to get in touch with C-Jay on Facebook at C-Jay Mellinger or Instagram @charles_jay if you need ANYTHING built or fabbed up. Countless members, including myself have tasked C-Jay with custom cages or seemingly impossible repairs only to be left wildly impressed with the results. We are proud to call C-Jay one of our own and have yet to meet many people who genuinely encompass a "moist" lifestyle. 

Moist Moto Takeover

           Well fam, the sun is finally out and besides car shows and doing other various outside activities that means one big thing for us here at StayNmoist. ITS TIME TO GO RACE! As our StayNmoist sponsored ATV rider Drew Flinchum prepares for a big season we took some time to pick his brain a little bit and see what inspires Drew to braaap and continue pushing himself and his quad. 

         We also want to give a shoutout to our two other riders Mike Briscoe and Brenton Stein as they look to have some awesome races ahead of them.

   We are making motocross moist!

What first made you want to race?

"When I was in highschool I grew up in a town that was basically all about motocross. It was never the football team or basketball team attracting crowds... it was the motocross riders. So i began to push myself to become one of them, and continue to push myself to be better than them. 

What riders do you enjoy watching most?

"I have always been a diehard Joel Hetrick fan. He has such a smooth riding style that many riders at that level don't have, which has become one of my main goals to become that smooth. Developing a distinctive style where people recognize your riding and the ability you have is such an accomplishment that i push myself towards."

What drives you?

"I want to be the best... as all do. I want to be the guy kids look up to and meet, not just for my riding ability but personality as well. I also want to make my son (Carson) proud and be a role model for him. I have a lot of people I want to prove wrong, but even more I want to prove right including StayNmoist as my sponsor and always keep everyone excited for race day!"

What have you learned so far this year?

"I have already learned so much this year. Between practicing hard and building my skills on the track to learning new people skills off the track. I have learned that you can't build a mountain overnight, it takes a lot of hard work and constant effort. In pushing myself to be better I have been improving my corner speed and learning to be fearless in regards to running up front."

What are your goals/plans? 

"My goals include finishing the season securely in the top 3 for points series, continue training and getting as much seat time as possible. Hopefully open doors to atvmx national series next year. It will take alot of work but that is what I'm here for."

What are your biggest challenges?

"I've learned that not only does this sport require physical endurance, but more importantly mental endurance as well. You have to remain positive and confident in order to be successful. Believing in yourself has to be a main priority, and remaining focused on the task at hand and not getting side tracked."

What was does "StayNmoist" mean to you? 

StayNmoist means more to me than i would have ever expected. After meeting the family, and being brought in with open arms my whole perspective of the word has changed. We all have individual goals in life and help each other in every way possibly trying to fulfill them. We all have different passions and things that drive us, but we accomplish them as a team. The team at StayNmoist has pushed me harder than ever and helped me keep my head straight as well as getting the proper equipment i need to be successful. I wanna throw a huge shoutout to them as a company for helping and supporting me on and off the track. StayNmoist has made me look at life from a bigger picture, and i cant wait to keep working."



Panda Junction 2k16

             Florida was sunny and dry on May 1st, compared to Panda Junction which began as a flooded, windy mess. Regardless, our homie and staff photographer Grant Wakefield (@shutterfieldmedia) made the 14+ hour trip from Clearwater to chill with us and take some dope pictures, and by the end of the day was not disappointed. True to form real car enthusiasts didn't allow a little bit of water to hinder one of the first major shows of the year. The turnout was great and per usual the moist had a huge presence. Here is some brief event coverage post hurricane conditions, and we look forward to an amazing and hopefully sunny show season.

Panda Junction 2k16 kept it moist! 

Dripped Gawd

            Art is a broad world, and open to many definitions. As you all know our art is cars and the culture surrounding them. Now we may not be the brightest bunch, but we know good art when we see it. Dizz Gavins is an artist out of York PA who has been making his own wave across multiple industries with his unique style. I was lucky enough to get a few minutes and catch up with the "dripped gawd" and get some insight on his art, passion and what has him StayNmoist.

What is the inspiration or driving force behind your art?

"My main inspiration for my art is usually based on how i'm feeling, my surroundings and what music or television I'm listening to or watching. I like to credit the development of my style to myself of course but also the illustration styles of Dr. Suess."

So far, what have you learned on your journey?

"On my journey so far, I've learned to be confident in my art and that everything has happened for a reason. The biggest thing I've learned is, not to compare my path to success with anyone else's because everyone has their own path, and their own rate of success."

What is next? What can we look forward to?

"I have a lot in store for the future. The biggest thing I'm bringing to York is my first solo art show in September. The show will be called "Outta My Mind", and i am extremely excited to share this experience with everyone." 

What does StayNmoist mean to you?

"To me StayNmoist means keeping your feet wet, staying relevant being well oiled in your craft and always being ready for action. Being able to go with the flow and adapt to your surroundings, flowing like water... staying moist."

Purple Reign

Cobalt: "The chemical element of atomic number 27, a hard silvery-white magnetic metal".

          Although not silvery-white, StayNmoist member Isaiah Hick's 09 SS Cobalt is most definitely magnetic. Although not an un explored platform, Isaiah is pushing the Cobalt game to new heights and has become a standout at every show attended. As part of our weekly blogs we will be picking the brains, and exploring the builds of some of our most popular and unique member builds through some casual "interviews" (usually involving cold beers and some type of pizza).

                  What was the inspiration behind your build, What have you learned?

" Growing up in the garage I always had the passion for what things are and what they could be turned into. I've learned that regardless of if you are a big hitter on the scene or fresh to the community everyone has to start somewhere and work hard building YOUR car from the ground up to make YOU happy with what you have available while working toward your own goals. This process can take a lot of time energy and of course... some money. Personally my build has taken 7 years to get to this point."

Simply, at this point what is your favorite part of your car?

"Favorite part... would have to be the bags, seeing Cobalt's on bags is far and few between."

As an active member, what does "moist" mean to you?

"What does it mean to be moist...being moist is pursuing anything you feel gives your life that meaning, wether it is your passion for cars, your family, friends, work or any hobby. Moist is ANYTHING that delivers drive, good health and a positive mindset." 

Motorama 2016/2016 Kickoff

Whats up guys,

First off it has been awhile since we updated the blog as we attended to other pressing matters (Which may or may not have been taking time to drive our own cars fast and enjoy some chilled beverages), but we are back stronger than ever and will be kicking off 2016 right! you can expect weekly blog postings on everything moist.

Jumping into 2016 we got geared up for Motorama, now usually we would post from our point of view, but taking a step back we wanted to get back to our roots. Sometimes when you are working these amazing events you overlook the finer things that come along with our shared love of cars. At this point i will be virtually handing the microphone to Alex Lafferty as he recaps and reminds of us the feelings shared by all enthusiast leading up to such a large event. 

- Brenden McWilliams

"A 5:30AM alarm goes off and a RedBull comes out of the fridge... Sounds like car show season to me. Hopping in my car for a 3 hour car ride from Pittsburgh was totally worth it to finally brush off the winter cobwebs. Lots of cross state and out of state friends, along with my stayNmoist family, awaited me at the Harrisburg Farm Show Complex where Motorama 2016 was being held. If you’re unfamiliar with these events they are a huge mix of anything with a motor. After getting a feel for the layout of the building I quickly immersed myself into the show. I started out by popping into the motocross and go kart track areas to check things out but I quickly made my way back into the main show area, as I had some serious photographing to do. I can say it was an awesome mix of so many makes and models. Not just that but the expanse of automotive styling was impressive. From big power V8’s, huge turbo Civic hatch’s, rat rods, stance cars, to a RocketBunny kit equipped Silvia hiding amongst lifted 4x4’s, there was a little bit of anything and everything. StayNmoist had a fantastic lineup as always, with members all over flocking to come to the first large auto show in Pennsylvania. After finishing up the day with an awesome dinner with the stayNmoist family, I can safely say it’s going to be one hell of a show season this year. Stay Moist."

Alex Lafferty




What Does It Mean To Be Moist?

What Does It Mean To Be Moist?

 Here we are three months into 2015 and we already brought the #moistness on strong at our first event for the year. Motorama 2015 was the most "moist" fun we have had at a show with meeting all the new, awesome customers and some people that just wanna know what the #moistness is all about. Well today is everyone's lucky day, we are going to explain why we decided to create such a moist company and also share these awesome pictures from Motorama with you!

That Moistness

That Moistness

    Fredericksburg Virginia, a city not too well known for the car scene. However, this girl (yes, I said girl) is trying to change that. Devan Shiels, owner of a very moist 2008 Mitsubishi Evo X, is changing the game by bringing a whole new level to the Evo scene as most Evos are known for their power. This beast is known for its stance and power since she is pushing 370awdhp/365trq. This car really grabs your attention driving down the street with the very beautiful sound of the ETS Extreme V2 straight pipe exhaust system as it crackles and pops down the road.